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Xiamen Winkay has established itself as a leading manufacturer of high-quality sports and outdoor bags. Our decade-long journey has been driven by a passion for innovation, durability, and functionality.

At Winkay, we are dedicated to creating exceptional bags that enhance the outdoor and sporting experiences of our customers. We strive to blend superior craftsmanship with cutting-edge design, ensuring that each product meets the rigorous demands of athletes and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Innovative unique products

We specialize in a wide range of bags. Each bag is meticulously crafted using premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure long-lasting performance and reliability in every adventure.

Water Proof

Waterproof bags keep items dry with water-resistant materials and sealed closures, ideal for outdoor activities.

Dust Proof

Dustproof bags protect items from dust and dirt using sealed closures and durable materials, ideal for storage and outdoor use.

UV Resistance

UV-resistant bags protect items from harmful ultraviolet rays using UV-blocking materials, ideal for prolonged outdoor exposure.

Abrasion resistance

Abrasion-resistant bags protect contents from wear and tear using tough, durable materials, ideal for rugged use.


Our Vission Commitment.

Quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business. We are committed to sustainability and continuously seek eco-friendly materials and processes to minimize our environmental impact.

Explore our diverse collection of sports and outdoor bags and experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and durability. Follow us for updates on new product releases, industry trends, and special promotions.


We specialize in a wide range of bags including backpacks, duffel bags, hiking packs, gym bags, specialized sports bags.


Years of

What We Make

Backpack designed with a ergonomic features, distressed finish for a stylish, outdoorsy look. Constructed from durable, water-resistant materials, it has sturdy straps and buckles that secure the contents and add to its aesthetic appeal. The backpack includes multiple compartments and pockets for organization, making it ideal for both urban commuting and outdoor adventures. The padded shoulder straps ensure comfortable carrying even when fully loaded. Its timeless design and practical functionality make it a versatile accessory for various activities.

Military-style backpack built for durability and functionality, making it ideal for tactical use and rugged outdoor activities. Featuring a camouflage pattern, it blends seamlessly into natural environments. Constructed from heavy-duty, water-resistant material, it can withstand harsh conditions. The bag is equipped with multiple compartments, including a spacious main compartment, front zippered pockets, and side pockets, providing ample storage for gear and essentials. MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) webbing on the exterior allows for the attachment of additional pouches and tools. Adjustable, padded shoulder straps and a waist belt ensure comfortable and secure carrying, even during long missions or hikes. This backpack is perfect for military personnel, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts who require a reliable and versatile carry solution.

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